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Purification filter

We design and manufacture self-cleaning rotary filters for continuous filtration of industrial liquids in order to separate solid bodies from fluids. Both can thus be recovered to be used within the production cycle or eventually disposed of according to the regulations in force. The liquid to be filtered, coming from the process machines, is conveyed inside the rotating filter through a distribution duct. The filtering cylinder is made of micro-perforated stainless steel, carefully finished on the surface. Inside, a propeller is built in relief that prevents the rapid advancement of the liquid at the same time slowly bring the filtered and dripped material to the opposite end, until it falls into the prepared container for collection and disposal. The filtering cylinder is kept in rotation by the transmission system. The filtered liquid is collected in the special tank made in the lower part of the filter and sucked in by the pump which brings it back in the process tank. A part of filtered liquid is conveyed towards a special cleaning lance, placed over the filtering cylinder, which pours THE LIQUID ON THE PERFORATED FILTER CYLINDER cleaning it and using suitable nozzles always ensuring maximum filtration efficiency.


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