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The company

The COST-FER S.r.l. was founded in 1960 by the will of the founding partner Bruno Bianchi, who thanks to his passion for textiles and automation after years of activity and in-depth studies, has developed an innovative wash that earned him the “Awarding of work and economic progress”. The Chamber of Commerce wanted to reward its innovation by giving us an industrial invention patent for washing wide for immersion fabrics and contemporary emergence in the same tank. With the experience gained in half a century and the innovative character that has characterized us in these years, COST-FER srl has decided to open its horizons, addressing itself directly to the problems related to safeguarding of the environment and social welfare, developing products for the purification of industrial liquids. We design and build systems that meet the demands of the most demanding industries for the supply of textile machinery and for solving problems concerning the filtration of industrial fluids (solid / liquid separation).

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Since 1960 seriousness and experience